Khair is an Arabic word that denotes good, goodness and better.  Being Muslim means that we aspire towards better and goodness bi’idhnillah (by God’s leave) in all aspects of our lives.  Khair thus lends itself to what we aim for in the provision of services, the therapists we hope to develop and the impact we look to have on the lives of those who access the services.

Khair offers a full range of professional services.  It provides an opportunity to invest in people and community and it will, bi’idhnillah (by God’s leave), be a sadaqah jariyah (a legacy and ongoing charity) for any philanthropic investor.  For any organisation that is looking to provide therapeutic services to the Muslim community we offer full reliable management services and suitable, thoroughly vetted, therapeutic practitioners as well as training options.  For students of accredited psychotherapy and/or counselling courses we offer supervised placements that will be in keeping with their training organisation and registering body.

Khair was founded and set up by Khalida Haque in response to regularly being asked to recommend therapists, suggest placements and advise on mental health within the community. The main objective of Khair is, to partner with existing non-therapeutical organisations who want to provide therapeutic services to their clients. Khair seeks to remove the weight and burden of responsibility from these organisations by setting up and running appropriate services for them.

The organisations may be of any kind, for example schools, GP surgeries or charities, however they must work with a predominantly Muslim clientele. Through her years of working as a psychotherapist and a counselling services manager Khalida has come to recognise that Muslims want their faith and practice to be understood and an integral part of their counselling and therapy.  However, there seems to be a quagmire of confusion in relation to what therapy is and who is qualified to provide it.  As a trusted member of the Muslim and Psychotherapy communities Khalida feels an impetus to step into this breach. Organisations/individuals do not have to be Muslim to partner us, to work for the services or to access the therapy provided.  Currently Khair focuses on providing outpatient services through those organisations that would like to partner us as we work towards providing inpatient facilities for those who might sometimes need respite from the world and all its stressors.

To arrange a meeting or conversation to discuss the needs of your organisation please e-mail

Khair is not a private practice that works with individuals or accepts self-referrals.  If you are an individual seeking personal therapy and are unsure of where to go or who to approach then please e-mail us at with your needs and we will get back to you with a list of possibilities.

Under the Khair umbrella is Sakeena-Tranquility, a set of programmes devised by Khalida (sometimes in collaboration with others) to enable, educate and empower individuals to recognise and change their situations.  Please click here to learn more.

Also under the Khair umbrella is the Khair Therapy Fund which aims to fund the therapy of those who are unable to fund themselves, do not fit the remit of other organisations and have no recourse to public funds.  Please click here to learn more and to donate to the cause.